[Event ②] Tip Posting Winners of May 25th and Live Weekly Standings⏰(May 23rd~May 29th)

On May 25th, we had 14 users join this event, and 11 of them met all the event standards. 3 users posting content are excellent in all ways.

Rewards: We will reward at most 3 users with 60 bonuses each every day based on the Analysis Quality;

1.@Football Radar Posted 5 tips and the win rate is 5/5.

2.@teguh11 Posted 3 tips and the win rate is 3/3.

3.@NabiPalsu Posted 3 tips with better analysis.


In order to allow participants to see the weekly rankings more intuitively, the specific rankings will be updated every day starting from Tuesday.

Hope all participants can see the specific qualifications. And try to get the full bonus.

🔻For the detail of the event please copy this link:🔻

Time: May 9th - June 5th

Participants: All Users

How to Join: Post at least 3 free tips every day in your group

Requirements: 1. Tips Title should include the word “Event”; 2. Content should include Teams Analysis, Match Analysis, and AH or O/U Prediction.


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